Bathroom Remodeling in Pearland

A bathroom renovation is one of the biggest remodeling jobs you can pursue in your home and is even more labor-intensive than a kitchen remodel. Most homeowners use their bathroom more than they think. You get ready for the work day or special events in there, use your bathtub to wind down, and even read and answer emails to pass the time. You could say that the bathroom is an all-purpose room. Because of this, many of our clients in Pearland considering various renovations put their bathroom at the top of the list.

Bathroom remodeling contractors need to have an especially wide-ranging set of skills for this particular job, so it’s important to hire a company like SPRAYWAY Home Repair & Remodeling that has years of dedicated experience to back them and accomplish your reno perfectly.

Surviving Your Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom remodeling is a lengthy but rewarding job. In our years serving Pearland, we’ve seen the easiest and the most difficult projects out there—slick little upgrades, and mold-covered full bathroom installations.

No matter the level of skill required, SPRAYWAY Home Repair & Remodeling is dedicated to making your bathroom the best on the block!

When you put your renovation in our capable hands, we’ll take care of just about everything. But it’s important for you to be prepared for your part in the process.


Go through your current expenses, savings and budget before doing anything else. Knowing what you want to and can spend, and then adding an extra 20% on top to cover surprises, will help you stay within some guidelines when choosing materials and appliances.

Get Inspired

With your budget in mind, look through magazines and online to get inspired. What vibe do you want your bathroom to have? Find some pieces within your budget to let us know what we’ll be creating together.


Make sure your personal items are cleared out of the bathroom before we start our work. You don’t want that expensive new shampoo getting lost in the rubble!

Think Ahead

There will be days that you won’t have access to your toilet, shower, sink or all three. If you don’t have a second bathroom in your home, it’s important to plan ahead. Speak to your neighbors, set up a tooth brushing station at the kitchen sink and a spot in your bedroom to get ready for the day.

Your renovation is a joint effort. With SPRAYWAY Home Repair & Remodeling as your support we can translate your ideas to reality and come up with some stunning results.

SPRAYWAY Home Repair & Remodeling: The Team for You

During the construction process, your bathroom remodeling contractor and their team will become almost like family so it’s important that you like us!

When you give us a call to start the ball rolling, we’ll make sure to schedule meetings before anything gets under way. We’ll discuss your vision, add some of our own suggestions and give you a free quote for services.

Give us a call today and ask us about how much we love remodeling bathrooms! In about a month, you can have the relaxing bathroom of your dreams.